Em dias de jogos excepcionalmente haverá alteração nos horário de funcionamento do Tour Maracanã, confira:


06/12:  visitação aberta das 9:00 as 13:00  (último horário para entrada) por conta do jogo Flamengo x Santos


09/12:  visitação aberta das 9:00 as 14:30  (último horário para entrada) por conta do jogo Fluminense x Chapecoense

Live the experience and visit the biggest temple of Brazilian soccer inside


COVID-19 sanitary measures

adopted by the Maracanã/Inova Tour

From September 15th, proof of covid vaccination will be required + document with photo (passaport or ID)  for people over 18 years old



All visitors will have their body temperatures measured when entering the Tour area. Visitors with body temperature higher than 37.8 ºC will be reimbursed and advised to go to the nearest hospital for medical opinion.


Pursuant to local regulations, face masks are mandatory. Only visitors wearing face masks correctly placed, covering both nose and mouth, will be allowed in. Decree Rio No. 48974, of June 10, 2021.




Face masks are mandatory for children aged 3+.


Maracanã Tour and Inova adopt all measures recommended by competent authorities to fight and prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, there are still risks involved considering that the pandemic still is a global concern. The visitor acknowledges this inherent risk and exempts the Maracanã Tour of any responsibility in this sense, as all possible measures are being observed.