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​Now, you can experience the thrill of taking penalties on the edge of the Maracanã lawn!

Festas para crianças de 5 a 12 anos

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Tour privativo incluindo acervo histórico e instalações do estádio

Aquecimento e preleção

Chute a gol ou "pelada" no gramado sintético - duração de 1 hora (exclusivo para crianças)

Catering Experiência Maracanã: agua, suco, mate, biscoito Globo, hotdog, refrigerante normal e zero, mini pizza calabresa e muçarela.
* Bolo e docinhos não incluídos.

* Sorvete ou açai podem ser contratados a parte.

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Faça agora seu orçamento agora conosco


The Maracanã Penalty Tour experience does not have half price.


The challenge consists of three or five shots on goal, located behind one of the main goals, in the North or South Sector.


Each participant will receive a themed souvenir medal at the end of the experience.


You can buy the challenge soccer ball and take it as a souvenir.


Payment for the experience by credit, debit, PIX or cash will be allowed.


Each participant will be identified by a bracelet to have their access released to the challenge sector. The respective participant will be accompanied by a monitor from the Maracanã Tour.


The goalkeeper is one of the monitors of the Maracanã Tour.


The participant will have the right to bring a companion to record photos and videos.


The use of cell phone cameras is allowed throughout the Tour Maracanã penalty experience, except on the guided path between the bench and the arrival to take the first penalty. Photo sessions will not be allowed during the displacement of participants and companions.


The accompanying person will not have the right to kick on goal. Only the participant who purchased the experience.

For online sales, the ticket is valid only for the date, time and place it was issued. Tickets will not be refunded for those who do not show up on the day.


Calendar subject to change without notice depending on games, shows or events.

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