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Knowing the backstage of Maracanã and coming close to the sacred pitch of the stage of two World Cups finals and one edition of the Olympic Games is again possible. What seems to be a dream for many spectators has come true thanks to the Maracanã Tour.

The tour, promoted by Inova Comunicação e Eventos, lasts for 40 minutes, on average, and can be done with bilingual guides or individually. The Tour is one of the attractions most sought after by tourists in Rio and by the city's residents. 


Whoever goes to the stadium can get to know one of the locker rooms, decorated with shirts of clubs that compete for the Brazilian Championship A Series, the warm up room and the press conference room. In the locker room, a video with historical football kicks opens the highest point of the journey: the entrance on the pitch. When reaching the edge of the sacred stage, participants can even sit on one of the benches.


In addition to the pitch, visitors will also be able to see items related to players who have marked their names in the stadium's history, such as Pelé, Garrincha and Zico. A shirt No. 7 of Brazil used by Mané on the 1962 FIFA World Cup and the ball and net of the game of the thousandth goal of Pelé (Vasco x Santos, in 1969) are on exhibition.


The tour features news, such as items provided by Zico that hold out promise of success among football lovers. Top scorer in the history of Maracanã, with 333 goals, the so-called Galinho de Quintino gave items of his private collection for the reopening of the tour, like a Flamengo shirt worn in 1979; the world champion track by Fla in 1981; the ball of the last game of his career, by Kashima Antlers (Japan), in 1994; and a football boot that he worn when he was the goalkeeper of Udinese (Italy).

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The Maracanã Tour is a tour for the whole family and a special program for football lovers. Get ready for a universe of dreams, which will explore all senses, with videos, sounds and diverse experiences that will be forever in your memory!